eToro January 2019 Review

Goal comparison

At the start of 2019, I wrote down my trading goals for the year. I will now see how I am progressing against these goals in my eToro January Review.

  1. Copiers = +50

  2. Followers = +2,000

  3. Portfolio growth = +15%

  4. S&P comparison (beat the S&P500)

  5. Realised profit = +10%

  6. AUM = +$50,000

  7. Risk = 4 or 5

  8. Provide in-depth monthly updates

Let’s do a quick check up to see how I’m going against my goals.

  • Copiers = no change
  • Followers = 7 new followers
  • Portfolio growth = 9.37% increase
  • S&P comparison = beat for Jan (9.37% vs 7.87% source:
  • Realised profit = 0.09% (small gain but still a positive gain)
  • AUM = 6% increase
  • Risk = 5
  • Monthly updates = Jan 2019 complete

So my aim of keeping to my trading goals is looking on track, particularly my Portfolio growth.

eToro January Portfolio overview

Overall, my portfolio has had a great start to the year – this has been consistent over the last 3 years I have been on eToro.I’ll be trying to minimise the number of holdings I have and start to focus more on US stocks, rather that include some of the Chinese, English and German stocks I have introduced into my portfolio. Reflected by the growth of my portfolio so far, there have been some outstanding gains by a handful of stocks

$GWPH = 41.3%
$FB = 27.16%
$INCY = 26.7%
$BABA = 22.92%
$LEN = 21.12%
$DBX = 20.95%
$R = 20.27%
$PVH = 17.39%
$EA = 16.89%

All of the above % are taken from portfolio view.

Let’s have a look at the stocks I’ve acquired in January 2019


As you can see, these stocks have had a very strong start to 2019 – particularly $PVH. Hopefully, my change in trading strategy continues to produce great results over the next 11 months.

Stocks to watch

I think there are two stocks to keep an eye on.

$MPC – Marathon Petrol Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, engages in refining, marketing, retailing, and transporting petroleum products primarily in the United States.  It’s showing an exceptional growth potential and a solid track record. MPC hit around the $86 mark in October then tumbled with most of the market. Sitting at around $66 at the time of writing, there’s a good amount of growth to come!

etoro january review 2

$CE – Celanese Corporation, a technology and specialty materials company, manufactures and sells value-added chemicals, thermoplastic polymers, and other chemical-based products worldwide. Two reasons why $CE should be part of your portfolio – their dividends have increased consistently over the last 10yrs and they’ve also been stable over this timeframe. A rare feat and something that solid should be part of your portfolio.

etoro january review 1
january review 1

eToro January Review – Crypto outlook

After the decimation of the cryptocurrency value in 2018, many people are sceptical of what is in store for 2019. Some investors believe that the crypto/BTC ETF is going to save the coins, dragging the alt-coins along with it. Fortunately, I am unfazed about the future price of cryptocurrency. I do believe that cryptos have a massive part in our future and the technology behind it is going to be game-changing. My current holdings in crypto are not anything special or in large quantities. Using profits from previous trades to purchase these so if they dwindle, there’s no emotion attached to them. I will probably move the crypto I have from my account to my other trading account which focuses solely on cryptocurrency and copying other traders.

BTC is going to continue to dominate for a very long time – there’s too much money involved for it not to influence the rest. As an example, take the big 4 of the stock world – AAPL, MSFT, AMZN and GOOG – what happens when one of these stocks fall? It takes the rest of the market down with it, particularly in the ETF and indices. If there is going to be a BTC ETF, one would have to assume it would be doing the same if a similar event happened.

Well, that’s it for my eToro January review – a successful month – let’s see what the rest of the year brings.

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