eToro Portfolio Review October 2019

Hi everyone – as I normally do for each month, this is my eToro review for October. I‘ll show how I am progressing against my 2019 etoro goals set at the beginning of the year.

Goal comparison

  • Copiers = 25 (-6 Copiers YTD)
  • Followers = 1770 = 10.6% increase YTD
  • Portfolio growth = 21.56% increase YTD
  • S&P comparison = beat for YTD (21.56% vs 21.17% source:
  • Realised Profit = 2.89%
  • AUM = $44,520 under management = 94% increase
  • Risk Level = 4 average (4 Max)
  • Monthly updates = Complete

Looks like I’m hitting my goals overall, with the exception of Copiers. I am not worried about the decrease in copiers as the number of copiers shouldn’t dictate how I trade. Also, my Assets Under Management (AUM) has continued to grow, showing that the traders that are copying me, have increased their copying amount. We are very close to the SP500 benchmark, which is a good sign. As our portfolio doesn’t copy the SP500 (my portfolio includes trades in indices, forex, cryptocurrencies, foreign exchanges et cetera), it was going to be a challenge to beat this benchmark.

eToro Review – October Portfolio

My eToro portfolio has had a good month in October – with my overall portfolio growing by 4.2% – translating to approximately 21.56% year to date.

My stock choices for the year have started to come into their own and hopefully continue to provide some great growth over the coming months and years. Below is a snapshot of what stocks I’ve opened and haven’t closed yet in 2019.

Current 2019 Open eToro stock positions

As you can see, there is some red and some green. Fortunately, we’ve closed a lot of positive trades so the sea of red wasn’t as visually significant.

Portfolio Growth and dates

  • 5% – Achieved January 8, 2019
  • 10% – Achieved February 6, 2019
  • 15% – Achieved March 22, 2019
  • 20% – Achieved May 17, 2019
  • 25% – Coming soon!
  • 30% – Coming soon!

The Above and Beyond Club

These stocks are going above and beyond – crushing their returns and setting up our portfolio nicely. Aligning with the etoro Club tiers, we have

  • Bronze: 20 – 24.99%
  • Silver: 25 – 29.99%
  • Gold: 30 – 34.99%
  • Platinum: 35 – 39.99%
  • Diamond: over 40%

Bronze – $BMY = 21.46%

Closed Stocks in the Above and Beyond Club

We’ve been fortunate to have a couple of stocks in 2019 closed in significant profit

$MSFT = 35.77% (Platinum)
$PVH = 25.92% (Silver)
$JEC= 20.83% (Bronze)

Let’s hope we add a few more over the coming months!

eToro October 2019 Review Closed positions

I have taken a different reporting approach for my 2019 closed positions. I realised, if I’m only showing stocks I’ve open in 2019, then I should only be reporting on those same stocks which I have closed in 2019. Each stock has been bought and sold in 2019 only.

October was a great month, closing 100% of my trades in positive territory. As always, i’ll look at rebalancing our portfolio and removing some dead weight. With stocks that are loosing I always ask myself the same question – would I reinvest in the stock right now? If I would, I leave it. If I wouldn’t, I’d close it and move on to the next.

Below are the different markets that I closed during October, sorted by % Profit/loss

As you can see, I had decent success with $AUS200 and continued my undefeated run with that market.

New Stocks added to my eToro portfolio

Below are the latest stocks added to our portfolio

  • $CNC
  • $MS
  • $VOO
  • $EPC

Hopefully these stocks provide an great return for months to come!

Final thoughts on my eToro October 2019 Review

October saw a low trading month but excellent in portfolio growth. Looking ahead, the easing trader war and brexit could really swing some of our trades but should benefit our portfolio and lead to some great growth in selected stocks – particularly Xiaomi, Ali Baba and Skyworks.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my eToro September review.


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