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Interview with Domenico from FinanceShot

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with my friend and fellow blogger, Domenico, who runs the website FinanceShot ...
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FinanceShot Interview

I have some very exciting news this week - my good friend over at FinanceShot reached out for a quick ...
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Successful people reveal their best advice received

I came across this article when I was looking for some inspiration. It seemed too great not to share. Originally ...
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The simple way to save and grow your wealth

The simple way to save and grow your wealth

This isn't a complex thing. It's a simple formula. Money in vs money out. Following the simple way to save ...
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top 5 books for beginners

Top 5 Personal Finance Books for Beginners

The most important factor in anyone's arsenal is knowledge. These are my Top 5 Personal Finance Books for Beginners. It ...
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debt snowball method

What is the Debt-Snowball method?

One of the key actions to ensure a successful financial journey is to eliminate your bad debt. On this page, ...
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Raiz - micro investing

Raiz – micro investing

Raiz is a micro-investing app to help you save very small amounts at a time. The logic behind it is ...
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