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This is an easy to navigate page to portray all the help and affiliate links that have assisted me in my investment journey.

An educated person doesn’t necessarily know all the information, they just know where to find it! 

Like everyone beginning their trading journey, I had no idea what I was doing nor what I was getting myself into. I decided I needed to brush up on my knowledge and educate myself through various mediums.

Below are some helpful links and books to guide you on your journey.

Books to read

The most important factor in anyone’s arsenal is knowledge. I go into great detail my Top 5 Personal Finance Books for beginners and give an honest review. These books will help you start in the right direction.

Help from Raiz (formally Acorns)

Personal invite –

I came across Raiz in 2017 as a way to save some extra money without me ‘noticing’. We wanted to start saving bits and pieces for my daughter so we weren’t searching for money and as a result, we saved thousands! When it came time to buy baby related items (prams/car seats/cots etc), we had the money available. I found this app very useful as it takes only a small amount each time, that I barely notice it! We were able to put away about $2,100 in a year without too much hassle!

Raiz helps you proactively invest. One key feature is round-ups; we round up each of your transactions to the nearest dollar and invest the change into a diversified portfolio. Simply connect a credit card, debit card, or another funding source and provide us with some basic information. Raiz give you the option of choosing a portfolio that is in line with your investment goals so the amount of risk you’re comfortable with is up to you.

Help from Simply Wall St

Personal invite –

It’s a great platform to help you track stocks and visualise stock data. The simplicity and the information available is what attracted me to the site. It gave precise and accurate information and presents data in an interesting and easy to follow way. It even gives recommendations based on your current portfolio – if you’re looking for undervalued companies/companies with high growth potential/diversity in your portfolio, it has suggestions for everything.

Etoro help

If you don’t have Etoro, you can sign up using my personal invite  or you can check out my portfolio page 

Etoro is a social online trading platform. This is where most of my trading is done and where I update my followers.

eToro is the first global marketplace for people to trade currencies, commodities, indices and CFD stocks online in a simple, transparent and more enjoyable way. eToro empowers over 9 million users – infact more than 170 countries worldwide as a result use the online tool. The active trading community, with thousands of new accounts created every day help traders focus on their investments.


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