New Stocks – Feb 2018

New month – new stocks to add!

Over the last few months, I have been looking at how I can diversify my portfolio and add some strong stocks. Based on the research that I provide for these stocks, you can see why people chose to copy in in their eToro Copy Trader

In the next few weeks, I’ll be adding the following stocks – reason for choosing them are below. Check out how they are doing on my eToro portfolio

New Stocks

Stock Sector Pros Growth (1yr)
$BX Diversified
Strong growth potential, pays a dividend and solid track record. 14%
$CBK.DE Banks Excellent growth potential, liabilities are made up of primarily low risk sources of funding and pays a dividend 42%
$CME Diversified
Excellent dividend payer, strong balance sheet, the level of debt compared to net worth has been reduced over the past 5 years (13.2% vs 10.7% today) 15%
$DB1.DE Diversified
Established dividend payer, flawless balance sheet, interest on debt is well covered by earnings 12%
$FCA.MI Automobiles Solid track record and currently undervalued stock price. 12%
$GD Capital Goods Pays a dividend, great performance history, good value based on earning compared to the US Market 7%
$JD.CH Retail High growth potential, Total debt is well covered by annual operating cash flow (64.3%, greater than 20% of total debt). 45%
$LLOY.L Banks Excellent balance sheet, pays a dividend and has a proven track record 14%
$MTZ Capital Goods Excellent value for money, long tenure of Board of Directors, assets cover its long-term commitments 10%
$NTES.CH Software Excellent balance sheet, solid performance history, pays a dividend, NetEase earns more interest than it pays 16%
$PBYI Pharmaceutical and Biotech High growth potential, has no debt, tenure for management team is above average term length 55%
$TTWO Software Flawless balance sheet with reasonable growth potential and it’s cash and other short-term assets cover its long term commitments. 76%
$UNH Healthcare Reasonable growth potential, pays a good dividend and a strong history. 13%

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