New Stocks – Jan 2018

Recently I have added 6 new growth stocks to my portfolio, so I thought I’d take the chance to break down why I chose these particular stocks.
Firstly, my portfolio was way too tech stock heavy and I wanted to expand.

Below are some quick numbers.

Sector: Pharmaceutical and Biotech
Why? Expand portfolio into other sectors, reasonable outlook for 2018, strong tenure of Management team and Board of Directors, and a healthy balance sheet
Predicted Growth 2018: 58.65%
Profit since bought: 0.65%

Sector: Pharmaceutical and Biotech
Why? Exceptional potential with an adequate balance sheet, expand into the cannabinoid market
Predicted Growth 2018: 52.3%
Profit since bought: 0.30%

Sector: Pharmaceutical and Biotech
Why? Exceptional growth potential with an excellent balance sheet (Total debt is covered by total short term assets, assets are 65x debt)Incyte had negative shareholder equity 5 years ago, it is now positive.
Predicted Growth 2018: 48.65%
Profit since bought: 4.46%

Sector: Technology
Why? Good value and reasonable growth. NCR performed above the US Tech industry average based on Return on Assets (ROA) last year.
Predicted 2018: 27.6%
Profit since bought: 2.11%

Sector: Software
Why? Flawless balance sheet, strong future potential, excellent value for money.
Predicted Growth 2018: 38.2%
Profit since bought: 8.03%

Sector: Software
Why? Fair balance sheet, expand into the software sector, low volatility expected to perform strongly, Return on Equity (ROE) in 3 years is estimated to be above 20%.
Predicted 2018: 12.08%
Profit since bought: 4.06%

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