New Stocks June 2018

New month – new stocks June!

Over the last few months, I have been sitting on the sideline as the market slid backwards. I dipped my toes into some stocks, not allocating a massive amount of equity in them just yet.

I’ve added the following stocks to my portfolio – the reason for choosing them is below.

Stock Sector Pros Growth (1yr)
$A2A Utilities (Milan) Solid track record with an adequate balance sheet 11%
$CVS Healthcare Very undervalued established dividend payer 18%
$GPK Materials Undervalued with an acceptable track record 34%
$SWKS Semiconductors A flawless balance sheet with high growth potential 26%
$WLK Materials Solid track record with a mediocre balance sheet 8%
$CE Materials Outstanding track record and established dividend payer 18%

That’s it for my New Stocks June 2018. When you think you’re ready to copy someone, head over to my eToro Copy Trader guide to learn what you need to know about Copy Trading – or you can check out my profile on eToro.


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