Simply Wall St Review

Is Simply Wall St any good?

Welcome to my unbiased Simply Wall Street Review. I’m a visual learner and prefer pretty pictures and colours in order for me to absorb information. For instance, instead of text-heavy articles, Simply Wall St makes Wall St information data easy to understand.

I came across Simply Wall St in 2017 and trialled it using my personal portfolio. The information was easy to follow and provided detailed examples and explanations of the data, as a result, I was able to make informed decisions about my portfolio.

It’s a great platform for tracking stocks and visualising stock data. The simplicity of the information available attracted me to the site. The way it presents the data allows anyone to understand it at the basic level to provide more in-depth data to those analytical people. It gave precise and accurate information and presents data in an interesting and easy to follow way. Simply Wall St even gives recommendations based on your current portfolio. The Simply Wall St review helps you find that perfect stock. If you’re looking for undervalued companies/companies with high growth potential/diversity in your portfolio, it has suggestions for everything.

The tool can help you make non-emotional long term investment decisions based on the fundamentals of investing and remove the guesswork.

Why I use it?

  • Easy to navigate.
  • The cost is lower when compared to other stock analysis sites.
  • Visually appealing.
  • Depth of information.

One of the more intuitive things is the snowflake design. This gives the user a quick visual representation of the stock. It looks at the Health, Value, Dividends, Past and History of any stock and displays a colour coded value. This is a great and quick visual so you don’t have to dive deep into the data to understand how the stock is performing.

You can check out my portfolio, where I show how Simply Wall St has helped me decide where to invest my money.

How can i get it?

This is my referral link – here

I would sign up for a trial account to see if it is suitable for your needs. You will be satisfied with the level of detail it provides. It is a great tool in anyone’s investment arsenal.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Simply Wall St Review. As i use this product more and more, i’ll update my review.

Disclaimer – This is not a paid endorsement by Simply Wall St – I just use their product and really enjoy it!


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