Top 5 eToro Copy Traders May 2019

It’s hard to find the right eToro Copy Trader out of the millions of traders. Using my eToro Copy Trader filter system, these are the top 5 Traders you should copy in May 2019.

Who to copy on eToro May 2019

Below are my Top 5 Traders for May 2019. I’ve chosen these traders based on a number of filters and my own personal criteria.

I looked at the stats going over a 2 year period to see how they have been performing.

PI MAy selection

Please note that I don’t copy anyone in my eToro profile. I have copied the above traders in my virtual account though.

My Top 5 eToro Copy Traders for May 2019 might not be the same as yours. You need to look at your trading style to ensure that it aligns with what you’re looking for. There are literally millions of people you can copy on eToro. So this will help you copy the right eToro Copy Trader.

Below are who eToro believe you should be copying – do any of them make your list?

Finding the right trader is always an exciting activity. I highly recommend using the Virtual Account first to see how they trade. Look at copying a trader for over 6+ months. Waiting another month isn’t going to hurt your portfolio growth.

I would avoid any trader that has to shout out to people to copy their profile. Their stats should entice you to copy their portfolio, not what they say. Actions speak louder than words!


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