eToro Top Copy Traders Competition

It’s hard to find the right eToro Copy Trader out of the millions of traders. Using my eToro Copy Trader filter system, I’ve decided to pick 5 copy traders each month and track their progress. I’ll track them all and judge their performance against certain criteria. Below you’ll find my chosen Copy Traders.

Competition Rules

In order to be transparent in my choices and rules – This is how i’m going to pick and choose the Copy Traders for the competition

  • Must align to the my filters.
  • Copy for at least 4 months minimum before performance review.
  • $SPY added as a market comparison indicator.
  • Maximum of 20-25 traders to copy at any given time.
  • Default Copy Stop Loss.
  • $500 per copier and no additional funds (or reinvested copy dividends).
  • Abled to be copied (i.e. not private profile or high risk).
  • Ranked on profit/time copied (i.e. the amount of profit divided by months copied).
  • Copy open trades.
  • Negative fees can’t be more than 10% of invested amount.
  • Lowest performing trader relevant to their time will have 1 month to rectify results or they will fall off the list.
  • When a copy trader is removed from the list, they will be replaced with another one, until the limit is reached.
  • Once removed from the competition, they can’t be added again.
  • They don’t have to be a Popular Investor.

Top Copy Traders to Copy in December 2019

This month I have added one trader and removed another.



  • Zschen -7.00% (June – Nov 2019)

Previous Top Copy Traders

These are my Copy Trader picks from the previous months. I’ve chosen these traders based on a number of filters and my own personal criteria.

I looked at the stats available to see how they have been performing. Good luck to you all!

Please note that I don’t copy anyone in my eToro profile. I have copied the above traders in my virtual account though.

This how they are comparing since I’ve recommended them. I’ve copied each trader with $500 in my virtual account. One of the key aspects is that I treat each of the traders the same. I don’t add funds, it doesn’t matter if they have 10,000 copiers or 0 – if they fit within my filters, I’ll look at copying them.

eToro Top Copy Trader Competition Results

At the end of November, this is how the Traders are progressing.

This information displays the time copied vs profit calculation, giving an average return per month for the traders. This puts all the eToro Copy Traders on the same playing fielding. It also allows me to see who the underperforming traders are and potentially remove them. After all, it is a competition!

I’ve also added additional information like # Top 3 finishes, duration of copy, and this/last month’s ranking.

My Top eToro Copy Traders for 2019 might not be the same as yours. You need to look at your trading style to ensure that it aligns with what you’re looking for. There are literally millions of people you can copy on eToro. So this will help you copy the right eToro Copy Trader.

Finding the right trader is always an exciting activity. I highly recommend using the Virtual Account first to see how they trade. Look at copying a trader for over 4-5+ months. Waiting another month isn’t going to hurt your portfolio growth.

Profit and Loss progress

I’m doing the Top eToro Copy Trader for a number of reasons but it can be boiled down to making money. This competition wouldn’t be a competition if we weren’t making any money from our traders. So i’ve added up our current traders in the competition and also included those we’ve removed for one reason or another. This is how we stand.

Not the best result so far but we are still in profit. Let’s see what happens over the coming months!

What are the Top Copy Traders trading it?

Below is the breakdown of what my copy portfolio contains from the various traders.

Another note, I would avoid any trader that has to shout out to people to copy their profile. Their stats should entice you to copy their portfolio, not what they say. Actions speak louder than words!

Below are the eToro Popular Investors that eToro believes you should be copying – do any of them make your list?


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