What is eToro Club?

eToro Club offers an array of exclusive benefits, services, and tools to customers according to membership tier. 

How do I obtain eToro Club membership?

Your equity determines the membership level. Provided that you meet the equity requirement, you will be automatically accepted.

What are the eToro Club membership tiers?

Bronze: $0 – $5,000
Silver: $5,000+
Gold: $10,000+
Platinum: $25,000+
Platinum+: $50,000+
Diamond: $250,000+

For the purpose of membership, how is ‘equity’ defined?

Membership is based on realised equity. Realised equity is your available funds, plus the original value invested in any open positions.

The profit or losses of any open positions, are not taken into calculation.

Why does eToro Club use realised equity used rather than unrealised equity?

Unrealised equity is dependent on market rates and is more volatile. This helps with stability and to ensure that members are not constantly shifting between tiers. This could happen on the same day or the same week, so the membership requirements are based on realised equity.

How long is my eToro Club membership for?

You will remain a club member for as long as you meet the requirement for a given tier. In the event that your equity falls below the minimum, you will continue your current membership status for a courtesy period of three (3) full calendar months.

I qualify for eToro Club membership. What happens next?

Once you reach a certain tier level, the membership will be automatically changed within 24hrs. This includes upgrades and downgrades.

How do I know which membership tier I belong to?

Your membership status appears below your username in your eToro account dashboard, both on the desktop version and on the mobile app.

etoro club level

Can other eToro users see my membership?

Absolutely not! Your equity level is private and, therefore, only you can see your membership.

How can eToro Club help me receive a discount or waiver on exchange fees?

According to membership tier, the exchange fee discount and waiver apply to non-USD deposits received by wire transfer.

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