Who to copy on eToro?

I’m going to go through my personal search filters for who to copy on etoro.

I’ve already gone through an in-depth review of the Copy Trader system. This was just one section that I thought needed more detailed analysis.

eToro Copy Trader filters

These are my personal filters I would choose if I was to copy someone:

  1. Time Period = Last 12 Months
  2. Status = Verified
  3. Country = Anywhere
  4. Name + Picture = Profile Picture
  5. Copiers = n/a
  6. Copiers change = n/a
  7. Copy AUM = n/a
  8. Return = > 10%
  9. Profitable Months = >50%
  10. Profitable trades = n/a
  11. Risk Score = 1-6
  12. Daily Drawdown = <5%
  13. Weekly drawdown = <10%
  14. Allocation = Crypto <25%
  15. Average Trade Size = <4%

If you punch these filters into the copy trader section, this is who popped up as of 13 May 2019. You’ll need to do your own personal review of each trader to see which suits you the best.

My filtered results

Why these filters?

I’ll go through why I chose or didn’t choose particular filters.

  1. Time Period = the trader should have been trading for at least the last 12 Months
  2. Status = more peace of mind if the trader is verified by eToro
  3. Country = Anywhere – location shouldn’t matter.
  4. Name + Picture = gives the familiarity of putting a face to a name
  5. Copiers = numbers shouldn’t matter
  6. Copiers change = changes shouldn’t matter
  7. Copy AUM = doesn’t matter
  8. Return = You should expect a greater than 10% return for the last 12 months
  9. Profitable Months = >50% to show they are winning most months in their trading
  10. Profitable trades = this shouldn’t matter because the data isn’t reflected properly. The trader could have 9 x 1% winning traders but lose 75% on just a single trade. It will show that they have a 90% profitable trade rate. Plus you don’t know what the $ amounts per trade are
  11. Risk Score = 1-6 which is normal for a Popular investor
  12. Daily Drawdown = <5%
  13. Weekly drawdown = <10%
  14. Allocation = Crypto <25% – I chose this because crypto is traditionally the most volatile without taking into consideration leverage. You can adjust to suit your trading style
  15. Average Trade size – traders should not be using more than 4% of their equity per trade (5% max)

Is there anything I’ve missed or something that you do differently?? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Does my profile make your list?


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