2018 eToro Year in Review

2018 was definitely not the best year for the majority of investors. Between the huge tumble of cryptocurrencies and the seemingly neverending bear market, most portfolios didn’t finish the year on a high note – my portfolio wasn’t an exception either. Although we end the year on a positive note with realised trades (actual closed trades) it has put our portfolio in a sticky situation heading into 2019. Please enjoy my 2018 eToro year in review!

Quick stats about 2018

165 trades for the year – over 75% of them profitable. This left us with a realised profit of 2.35%. Not the best figures but it’s still in the positive realm

My draw-downs were kept low considering the volatile year we had.

My top 5 profitable trades

Whilst my bottom 5 were the ones below. I’m not too cut up about these trades as they were smaller in terms of relative equity and that the bottom 3 were cryptos – bought high, sold low 🙁

Looking back over the year, you can definitely see the volatility that a lot of people experienced. So although there were some ups and downs, (more downs though!) we still ended the year with 2.35% realised profit.

My Portfolio vs the S&P500

I find the next graph very interesting – it’s my portfolio in comparison to the SPY (S&P500 ETF). It shows a very similar trajectory in the second half of the year, depicting that my portfolio follows it closely. I’ll need to diversify a bit more and look at more international stocks to change this

So what does this all mean for 2019? Well, big things hopefully! Whilst the market took a savage beating in 2018, it has set up a lot of stocks from exponential growth in 2019. Simply Wall St has my portfolio growing at approximately 20.9% growth in earnings with Ali Baba being one of the main growth attributes.

I hope you enjoyed my 2018 eToro year in review! If you want to find out more, you can check out my eToro portfolio, my 2017 year in review or learn about Stop Loss


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